Sunday, January 08, 2006

"The air was filled with the noises of the diverse machines. Their scoring tones sounded, and the challenges and taunts some of them threw at their human competitors. The beeps and deep tones of victory and defeat came endlessly. Death knells and dirges sounded as players lost a last spaceship or tank; explosions, warp drives, six-guns, missiles, energy beams, all to the constant tapping of firing buttons. There was the rapid working of controls of all types: steering wheels, lever-grips, joysticks, foot pedals, and periscopes."

-- page 41 (emphasis mine)

Can you relate? Can you relate to the beeps of victory and the deep tones of defeat? Have you lost your last spaceship?

Rapidly work your periscope and know this: you are not alone.


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At 9:56 AM, Anonymous Lars said...

We are not alone


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