Friday, January 13, 2006

A Note On The Methodology

AGP, I hear you asking, Tron is a Mighty Tome. How do you ferret out the choicest tidbits?

Ah, a fair question, Gentle Reader. Here's how I work it:

First, I contemplate. This might be something as specific as a Magic 8-Ball style question ("Why am I so Happy today?" or "Why so Glum, chum?") or something as amorphous as "Ah, spring..." Then, I reach for the ol' Tron book (pictured above: not my copy) and flip it open at random. Without looking, my finger finds a passage. I then read the passage. If nothing stirs brainwise, then I flip again. I repeat as necessary until the perfect synergy of Tron Prose and Mental State occurs and brilliant diamonds begin forming in the mind. I then share those diamonds with you and yours. Merry Christmas!

Why the Novelization of Tron? Because no matter what colored lens you use when you look at The World, it's still The World. Word Up, Aw Yeah.


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