Thursday, February 16, 2006

Valentine's Day

"They extended their hands until they nearly touched, palm to upraised palm. A blissful ray sprang between them, widening to envelop them, until they were like bright filaments. Celestials, they shared energy, were one. They sank down among the reclining-contours; the room shone with glory.
'I love you, Tron.'"
--pg. 112

'The room shone with glory'-- yes. Yes!

Baby, you are my bright filament. I love to sink down among your reclining-contours. Touch my palm and share my energy: Let a blissful ray spring between us always.


At 11:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 12:49 PM, Blogger AGP said...

A good and valid question, anonymous... or should I call you 'Mr. Anonymous?' Now that would be a truly crappy superhero: "Look Out! It's Mr. Anonymous!' 'Who?' 'Exactly! He has the power to blend effortlessly into any crowd, to fade without forethought into any background, to never stand out in any way, shape or form!' Ah, the Identity Politics of Superheroes... Secret Identities hidden from public view, new identities wrapped up in brightly-colored spandex.

So what happened after Valentine's Day? (or 'Valentron's Day,' as we here at Selections From Tron like to call it.) That story, my friends, is still being written. For now let me just say that I am happy, Incredibly Happy, The Happiest I've Ever Been in My Life.


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