Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Memory Guards

"He'd meant the doors at the far end of the gigantic corridor, but when he turned that way, Tron noticed that the huge innermost door was now closed, the Memory Guards shut out for the time being."
pg. 120

Memory Guards shut out-- Memories come rushing back. Smell of Lake: sandy seaweed and fish. Dogs frolicking in dead fish. Same as putting on hair conditioner, I guess.

Memory Guards protect your mind from The Memory Pirates. Stealing your thoughts, sucking them straight from your brain as you lay sleeping. No, wait-- that's the Memory Vampires.

Memories locked in a reinforced brain vault protected by The Memory Guards in steam-pressed blue uniforms. Pants with one black stripe along the leg. Peaked 1950s-milkman style caps.

Roscoe The Memory Guard tosses his peaked cap onto the floor of the brain vault. "Milk-Man style! Dagnabit, I ain't no milk-man!" It's true. Roscoe only guards and steps aside when The Chief wants to milk the lobes for memories.

The Chief pushes up his peaked milk-man style cap. "Hey Roscoe! Remember that time The Memory Vampire tried to sneak into the vault dressed up like me?" The Chief chuckles and shakes his head. "Whatever happened to that Memory Vampire?"

"Uh..." Roscoe looks down at the ground. "He got away clean, Chief. Sucked down a week's worth of memories and then vanished in a swirling black vortex."

The Chief closes his eyes and counts to ten. "Roscoe, we've discussed this. You're going to have to start doing a better job guarding those Memories."

"I know, Chief, but it's tough! We need reinforcements! And also, better hats."