Thursday, March 22, 2007

Unutterable Gladness

"The window abruptly snapped shut in the guards' cowled faces. Yori's expression held unutterable gladness.

'Who is your user, Program?' Dumont intoned, in the formalized procedure they all knew so well."
pg. 121

Spring is here, yes, Spring is here at last. Big thunderous rains biting
through those nasty-ass stubborn snowbanks, full of cigarette butts and
dog crap. Splashing happy through puddles, flowers blooming, air so
fresh, so clean.

"Psst! Hey, guys! Isn't that Yori?" Joe slicked back his forelock and adjusted his cummerbund.
Chad swayed and slurred. "Yeah! That's Yori, all right. G'wan, ask her to dance!"
Joe gulped nervously and tugged at his tuxedo collar.
Chad points. "Hey, she's coming over!"

Yori, resplendent in pink and purple to match the streamers hanging from the gymnasium ceiling, bounced over to the boys.

"Howdy, boys! Gosh, what a swell night! I sure feel glad!"
Joe flinched. "Ssh, Yori! Don't utter about it! You know that here in The Land of Permanent Midnight gladness is prohibited."

Yori wrinkled her nose. "'The Land of Permanent Midnight'-- who picked that stupid prom theme anyway?"

Chad burped and pointed. "They did."
Yori followed Chad's finger up to the two hunched shadows on the gymnasium catwalk.
Joe stamped his foot. "God Dammit! I hate those Robotic Overseers! I'm going to find out who programmed those things."

Chad,swaying, stepped in front of Joe. "Don't do it, Homes. Those robot
guards are ferocious. They've got carefully filed steel teeth that can
bite your leg right off."

Yori shook her head. "But then how do we find out who programmed the Robotic Overseers?"

Mr. Ellis The Gym Teacher (face like a purple eggplant as he struggled to
breathe in a too-tight suit) stepped forward and intoned, "All Who
Question The Robotic Overseers Are To Be Considered Traitors To The
Realm And Must Therefore Be Put to Death."

"Put to death! Well, that's just great. Thanks a lot, Yori."
"Yeah. Good one, Yori."